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After The Death Of His Dog, A Grief Stricken Owner Went Looking For Answers To Its Death And Discovered The Dastardly Secrets And Lies Of The Dog Food Multi-Nationals. These Secrets Reveal Why Your Pet Is Less Healthy, Vital And Dying Younger Than It Should!

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Multi-national companies who supply dog food budget millions of dollars on advertising and sponsorship for vet schools, this all to try and keep your attention on their products instead of the healthier Homemade Dog Food which is far superior for your pet.

Discover How To Make Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Your dog deserves the best you can give it when it comes to diet. Having a vast range of homemade dog foods recipes to hand for the best wet, dry and tasty treats will make his life so much better. Meat and vegetable flavored cookies and biscuits will have him panting for more. You can even feed your dog scrumptious meat and vegetable flavored dry dog food.

Homemade Dog Foods and Homemade Dog Treats involves more ingredients and steps to produce and bake them, but isn’t it worth it to give him a great lifestyle?

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Dear Friend & Fellow Dog Lover,

Homemade Dog FoodWhy did we take a dog as a pet? Because we love them and we care for their well-being. But many of the manufacturers of dog food don’t have that same affection as you do.

The manufacturers’ budget for advertising, branding and packaging of their products is in the millions of dollars each year. All of this trying to persuade you that their product is of the highest quality and the best you can give your dog, but is this really true?

Soon you will have all the knowledge at your fingertips on how to feed your dog, with less costs involved, a lot more easily and with better results…

How I would love to name names, but it’s a game I can ill afford. Unfortunately, putting myself in a long-term legal case in the courts, after shaming these multi-national manufacturers, could total put me under.

The best alternative I had was to put everything down and publish my findings (regrettably I can’t name names). But what I can tell you is what to avoid and the reasons why, along with what to give your dog to eat so he/she stays healthy and lives a stronger longer life beside you.

Starting right now you are going to be saving thousands! Your happiness is mirrored by your dog. So if you are full of life, health and vitality your dog will show the same, with each giving mutual love and affection and a life-long relationship.

Dog Food Recipes

  • Do you have the feeling that your dog is being fed sub-standard nourishment even if the label tells you that what you’re feeding him is top of the range?
  • Do you have the feeling that you are inadvertently taking months or even years off your dog’s life?
  • Do you have the feeling that life without your dog is unbearable?
  • Do you have the feeling that canned dog food lasts too long?

Both I and Jackie who is nipping around my feet as I write this letter to you, would want to congratulate you for taking the time to read my words. Without my best friend as my companion life would be a little less sunny and a little less loving.

If you’re reading this I’m sure you love your dog as much as I do mine. I think of him as part of my family, my life and just like any family member I want to make sure he is happy, healthy and full of life. Then one day I found out that what I had been feeding him was sub-standard, and not fit for feeding any member of my family.

Top Of The Range It Said On The Tin. I Don’t Think So! It’s Not Fit For Anyone

Bad Dog FoodJust like every pet owner we are driven by advertising. Seeing healthy dogs jumping around the TV set and smiling at the latest tinned dog food is what we all want for our pets, and then I discovered that these top of the range dog foods contain pesticide chemicals that prolong the dog food in their tins. These same pesticides then get transferred into my dog’s body!

A few years ago there was a cry from the public to stop manufacturers putting additives and coloring into foods that they are feeding their kids. Manufacturers were backed into a corner and reluctantly had to change their manufacturing process and ingredients to accommodate the public outcry. So why are they still doing it to our pets?

All dog and pet lovers around the world would be happy if a law was passed to prevent manufacturers putting these pesticides in dog food, but would they spend millions to do that? I doubt it! So instead of wasting precious time thinking about it, do the best thing for you and your dog, prepare his meals yourself.

Yes I know it may take longer to make your dog’s lunch and dinner and it may be slightly more expensive but wouldn’t you do the same for all members of your family instead of giving them processed food that has no health value? Remember a dog is for life! So keeping him strong and happy is just as important as any other.

In the beginning I was always upset at the advertising I saw on TV and in magazines but all I was doing was wasting my energy and focus. Manufacturers still churned out their product no matter what I thought or did. So I took the bull by the horns and decided to give my fellow dog lovers some much needed help by supplying them with healthy homemade dog food recipes that I feed my own dog.

When Your Dog Is Happy, You’re Happy!

My homemade dog food recipes are not only healthy and full of the nutrients and vitamins but they are extremely easy and quick to prepare. Giving your dog the best it can eat will surely put a big grin on his chops!

Introducing: Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Guide

  • Extend your dog’s life with a change of diet
  • Each meal or treat has Minerals and Vitamins and not expensive supplements
  • Keep your dog’s teeth in great shape
  • Joint Support Naturally with no side effects
  • A list of Natural Ingredients that should be included in your dog’s Homemade Dog Food Recipes
  • Keeping your money in your pocket by making your own dog food
  • 13 Healthy dog food recipes your dog will love that are inexpensive and easy to prepare
  • 10 Treat recipes that will keep him grinning when training
  • 10 Mouth-watering dog biscuits
  • 4 Scrumptious diabetic recipes
  • 5 Birthday cake treats
  • And the list goes on…
As a dog owner we are always aware of the moods of your pet. Does he seem a little off color or lethargic lately and wonder why? A dog’s health is a primary concern and should be dealt with like any member of your family.

For years my dog suffered a really bad ATP skin problem. Eventually I changed his diet to the more healthy homemade food recipes. Since then I won’t be giving him anything that is pre-manufactured no matter what the advertising or label says.

Having your dog around for longer and making his life more enjoyable is what all owners want.

Spending time making homemade food for your dog is really inexpensive and simpler than you can imagine. Take this opportunity to find out the HOWs and WHYs… Make it easy for yourself and your dog!

Homemade Dog Food Recipes Easy, Tasty And Cheap

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Guide

No one likes a hard sell and no more so than I. I’m just a dog lover who wants to give back to others like myself.

Everyone wants to know what they are consuming, so you should want to know what you are feeding your dog when you buy multi-national manufactured dog food.

Along with knowing how to give your dog the best foods that are full of vitamins and minerals that they need and to make them healthy and vital I’m giving you a chance to download my Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Guide:

Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Guide
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Want To Know What Other Dog Lovers Are Saying About HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES GUIDE?

Homemade Dog Food Recipes Testimonials

I just couldn’t believe it when I read what rubbish I was putting in Doozer. I’m one of those who fall in line with the other sheep watching TV advertising. I’m so happy to have a healthier and happier dog by my side.
Charlie and Doozer
Before using HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES my dog had bad breath, his stools were large and smelly and he constantly had gas. After a few days of feeding him homemade dog food I could not believe the difference. I love to cuddle him again!
Sheila and Martus
Having a part-time rescue establishment means I have to take good care of my dogs. Your guide has opened my eyes to home cooking and giving me some great ideas for the future.
James and Grady
Alba and I want to give you a great big hug. Even after a few days the benefits are clear. The recipes are great, giving what Alba needs for his health and controlling what he eats. Thank you so much.
Lydia and Alba
If only I were a dog. Your dog cookies are marvelous. Preparing them is quick and easy and I can do it in my study break, also they last for days. Knowing how much sugar and fat I put into them helps me control exactly what Berry is eating. Both of us are amazed!
Jennifer and Berry
These recipes are a life saver. From a puppy my dog Frankie has had seizures which got progressively worse the older he became, sometimes having 3-4 a month! I decided to stop feeding him manufactured dog food and used HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES instead. Now Frankie has a better life with only a seizure every 2-3 months. That’s awesome! Thanks a million.
Christopher and Frankie
When someone asks me why my dogs look so happy and healthy I tell them right off the bat. It’s HOMEMADE DOG FOOD RECIPES GUIDE. It’s the best. My dogs have shiny coats, so much energy it’s exhausting sometimes. I know I’m giving them the nutrition and balanced diet that a dog needs and it’s SAFE. And the best of the whole thing is that washing their dishes is much easier without any scraps left over. They gobble it all up!
Bradley, Mary and Keith

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P.P.P.S: Many industry experts believe that meats used in manufactured dog good is considered not fit for humans. So why are you giving it to one of your family!